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Clip path effect

Let’s Create an Image Pop-Out Effect With SVG Clip Path

If you haven’t used clip-path or you are unfamiliar with it, it basically allows us to specify a display region for an element based on a clipping path and hide portions of the element that fall outside the clip-path. This article walks us through the process!

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Arc dev

15 Best Platforms to Find Freelance Work

Platforms (Upwork, Codementor, etc) are an ideal place to find clients when you’re new to freelancing and you haven’t yet built your own client base. It’s important to choose the right platform based on your skills. So here’s a comparison of the top freelancing platforms today.

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React Authentication & Access Control

React Authentication & Access Control

Authentication and access control are required for most applications, but they often distract us from building core features. In this article, we'll see a straightforward way to add auth and access control in React.

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Clubhouse Logo Design

How Clubhouse breaks the monotony through its app icon

We have Instagram for photos, YouTube for videos, Spotify for music and podcasts, but now Clubhouse came in to compete with Discord and joins in the club and fills that gap by being a voice-only live interactions application, adding an extra dimension to the social media space.

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Creating a Smart Navbar With Vanilla JavaScript Article

Creating a Smart Navbar With Vanilla JavaScript

Sticky, or fixed, navigation is a popular design choice because it gives users persistent access to navigate the site. On the other hand, it takes up space on the page and sometimes covers content in a way that’s less than appealing. A possible solution? Smart navigation!

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SEO Retro Logo

SEO: All You Need to Know About Canonical Tags

The subject of canonical tags seems to create an air of confusion for many. Fortunately, we are here to tell you all you need to know about canonical tags in this article.

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Evaluating Headless CMS Options

Don’t Lose Your Head: Evaluating Headless

With the explosion in popularity of the Jamstack has come the proliferation of new options for managing your content. Headless has become quite the hot topic in development circles of late, but where do you start if you are embarking on a new project and haven’t yet decided where to store and organize your content?

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Seven Mistakes To Avoid In Your Technical Interviews Article

Seven Mistakes To Avoid In Your Technical Interviews

It’s no secret that the technical interview process leaves something to be desired; it’s often riddled with anxiety and stress. In this article, we’ll see seven of the most common mistakes candidates make in their technical interviews and explore ways you can avoid them.

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Code wall

Creating an Editable Textarea That Supports Syntax-Highlighted Code

A neat tutorial that shows how we can create an editable textarea which supports syntax highlighting.

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SVG Shapes

How to Add a Double Border to SVG Shapes

Ever wondered how to add a double border to SVG shapes? This tutorial shows us a few methods to achieve this!

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Incremental Static Regeneration Article Card

A Complete Guide To Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) With Next.js

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) is a new evolution of the Jamstack, allowing you to update static content instantly without needing a full rebuild of your site. The hybrid approach of Next.js allows you to use ISR for e-commerce, marketing pages, blog posts, ad-backed media, and more.

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Why Content Is Such A Fundamental Part Of The Web Design Process Article

Why Content Is Such A Fundamental Part Of The Web Design Process

As designers, we are often burdened by the responsibility of producing and managing website content. It’s not our job to write it, but it’s not the client’s either. In many cases a vacuum emerges which ultimately gets filled with poor content. We can avert disaster by including content production in the design process.

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An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals Article

An In-Depth Guide To Measuring Core Web Vitals

How are Core Web Vitals measured? How do you know your fixes have had the desired effect and when will you see the results in Google Search Console? Let’s figure it out.

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Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin

Using New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin

The WPGraphQL plugin can be used to create a site that uses WordPress for content management, but with a front-end that’s driven by Gatsby. We call this a “decoupled” or “headless” CMS because the site’s back-end and front-end are separate entities that still talk to one another via APIs where components on the front end consume data from the CMS.

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