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TypeScript with Svelte Logos

Integrating TypeScript with Svelte

A neat tutorial showing how to configure TypeScript inside of Svelte templates.

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2021 UI Guide

A guide of UI design trends for 2021

In this article, Diana Malewicz rounds up the UI design trends which are likely to define 2021. Such as Glassmorphism, vivid colors, aesthetic minimalism, and more!

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Lighthouse scores

Continuous Performance Analysis with Lighthouse CI and GitHub Actions

A useful tutorial showing how to integrate Lighthouse CI into your development workflow, for performance reporting using GitHub Actions.

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Ruby 3.0.0 Logo

Ruby 3.0.0 Released

Ruby 3.0.0 is here! It's slated to be "3 times faster than Ruby2” with a focus on performance, concurrency, and Typing (static type checking).

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Web Page Illustrations

2020 Roundup of Web Research

A comprehensive roundup of web research from 2020. Lots to learn here about the state of the web!

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Image optimization example

Converting and Optimizing Images From the Command Line

There are tons of ways we can make smaller and optimized images. In this tutorial, we learn to write bash scripts that create and optimize images in different image formats, targeting the most common formats, including JPG, PNG, WebP, and SVG.

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Search Engine Optimization Checklist Article Card

Search Engine Optimization Checklist (PDF)

Implementing best SEO practice can produce immediate results, but long-term performance requires long-term maintenance. Besides, the journey is more important than the destination, isn’t it?

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Media Graphic

Give Users Control: The Media Session API

The Media Session API gives media playback access to the user outside of the browser tab where it is playing. If implemented, it will be available in various places on the device. Let's take a look!

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NPM Logo

The NPM guide I would have loved as a beginner

Do you remember copy/pasting all the npm commands without knowing what they do? Or the first time you freaked out while opening the package-lock.json? This article is a nice primer on the basics!

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

Pantone reveals two choices for its Colour of the Year 2021

The colour institute has chosen a “pairing” for the first time in its 22-year history – which it says is especially suited to home offices and sportswear.

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Favicon Variants

How to Create a Favicon That Changes Automatically

In this article, we’ll see how to use JavaScript to create a favicon that changes automatically.

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Ethical Considerations In UX Research Article Card

Ethical Considerations In UX Research: The Need For Training And Review

In this article, Victor Yocco discusses some areas of ethical consideration for UX practitioners when conducting UX research, and explores potential solutions to preventing research from venturing into unethical territory.

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