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Italic font

How to Italicize Text

HTML and CSS offer us the ability to italicize text. This article compares the 5 different ways we can go about it.

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Creative Wellness Article Card

It’s Good To Talk: Thoughts And Feelings On Creative Wellness

With so much pressure to be our best selves and use every waking moment to develop skills, it’s easy to lose track of our own wellbeing. Self-improvement and commitment to your craft are great — but only if you find the right balance.

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Svelte Logo

Lazy Loading Images in Svelte

This neat tutorial shows us how to use the Intersection Observer API alongside the onLoad event, to lazy load images with the Svelte JavaScript framework.

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React Performance Metrics

Methods Of Improving And Optimizing Performance In React Apps

In this tutorial, we'll learn about the various methods of optimizing performance in React applications, and also the features of React that we can use to improve performance.

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JAMStack Snail

Make Jamstack Slow? Challenge Accepted

Jamstack can be fast — really fast — but you have to make the right choices. Let’s see if we can spot some of the poor decisions that can lead to a “slow” Jamstack site.

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Stimulus.js Logo

An Introduction To Stimulus.js

In this article, we look at Stimulus, a modest JavaScript framework that compliments your existing HTML. And we'll see why it’s a useful tool to have in your front-end backpack.

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Smashing Podcast Episode 20

Smashing Podcast Episode 20 With Marcy Sutton: What Is Gatsby?

We’re talking about Gatsby. What is it and how does it fit into your web development stack? Drew McLellan talks to expert Marcy Sutton to find out.

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Mobile redesign article card

Is Redesigning Your Mobile App A Bad Idea?

A redesign should be done for the right reasons! This article takes a look at some mistakes made and the lessons we can extract from them.

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Crowdfunding Features Doc

Crowdfunding Web Platform Features With Open Prioritization

Rachel Andrew takes a look at a new effort to crowdfund the costs of implementing browser features.

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Frontend Masters and Gatsby Logos

My Long Journey to a Decoupled WordPress Gatsby Site

A wonderful article from Ganesh Dahal, detailing the resources he used while learning web development coming from a scientific background.

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React Use Fetch

How To Create A Custom React Hook To Fetch And Cache Data

This tutorial introduces React Hooks, detailing how you can build a custom hook that will fetch and cache data for you.

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ShopTalk Logo

Spinning Down Projects, Educating the Back-End Team, and Choosing Old Tech

A look at how and when to spin down old projects, sun setting GitHub repos, and forums. Also how to educate and bring along the back-end team with tech, and when you should stick with old tech instead of the new hotness.

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