We've collected some of the most creative new freelancer portfolios found around the web!

If you're a freelancer or just dreaming of starting up that side-hustle, here's some fresh inspiration 😊.

Polly Kole - Contemporary Artist

Polly Kole Landing Page

Niccolò Miranda - Creative Director

Niccolò Miranda Landing Page

Anjela Freyja - Art Director

Anjela Freyja Landing Page

Jason Briscoe - Creative Director

Jason Briscoe Landing Page

Matthieu Teyssandier - Digital Art Director

Matthieu Teyssandier Landing Page

Karrie Briscoe - Yoga Instructor

Karrie Briscoe Landing Page

Jingqi Fan - Designer

Jingqi Fan Landing Page

Michaela Fiasova - Creative Strategist

Michaela Fiasova Landing Image

Julie Muckensturm - Designer

Julie Muckensturm Landing Page

Henrik & Sofia - Creative Duo

Henrik & Sofia Landing Page

Angela Milosevic - Art Director

Angela Milosevic Landing Page

James Warner - Creative Technologist

James Warner Landing Page

Erika Senft Miller - Artist

Erika Senft Miller Landing Page

Kay Wiegand - Digital Consultant

Kay Wiegand Landing Page

Sandy Dauneau - Motion Designer

Sandy Dauneau Landing Page

Madeleine Dalla - Photographer

Madeleine Dalla Landing Page

Vitali Zahharov - Designer

Vitali Zahharov Landing Page

Abhishek Jha - Designer

Abhishek Jha Landing Page

Davide Baratta - Designer

Davide Baratta Landing Page

Erika Moreira - Copywriter

Erika Moreira Landing Page

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