Getting SASSY

About the book

Are you ready to take your web development skills to the next level?

The Getting SASSY guide will take you there! By learning SASS, your front-end development will be much more organized, faster and highly maintainable.

We'll cover the basics from variables, nesting, mixins, for/each loops and much more! We'll also take an in-depth look at how to structure your projects, as well as how to go about creating a build process that you can use for all your future projects!

Available in PDF, EPUB & MOBI. 🎉

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Table of Contents

  • Introducing SASS
    • Defining CSS Preprocessors
    • Why use Preprocessors?
    • What is SASS?
    • SCSS or Sass?
  • Setting up SASS
    • Environment Setup
    • Folder Structure
    • File Structure
    • Initializing our Project Directory
    • Install node-sass
    • Compiling Sass code to CSS
    • Live Reload
  • Variables
    • What are Variables?
    • Variables in Action
  • Nesting
    • What is Nesting?
    • Nesting in Action
  • Mixins
    • What are Mixins?
    • Common Use Cases
  • Functions
    • What are Functions?
    • Function Examples
  • Partials and Importing
    • Using Partials
    • @import in CSS vs SASS
  • Inheritance
    • What is Inheritance?
    • Examples of Inheritance
  • The Ampersand Operator
    • What is the SASS Ampersand Operator?
  • Control Directives
    • @if and @else/li>
    • @for
    • @while
  • Interpolation
    • Understanding the Syntax
    • Why use Interpolation?
  • Placeholders
    • Why use Placeholders?
  • Structuring your SASS Projects
    • How do we structure our SASS projects?
    • Simple Structure
    • The 7-1 Pattern
    • Get up and running with 7-1
  • Setting up Media Queries with SASS
    • Setting up your mixins
    • Using a Mixin
    • Another way to set up our Mixins
  • Setting up the Perfect Build Process
    • What is a Build Process?
    • Creating the Build Process!
  • Conclusion

Technical Details

  • 55 pages
  • Available in PDF, EPUB & MOBI Formats
  • Updated for 2021!