GatsbyJS is a React-based, GraphQL powered static site generator. It uses powerful preconfiguration to build a website that uses only static files for incredibly fast page loads, service workers, code splitting, server-side rendering, intelligent image loading, asset optimization, and data prefetching. All out of the box!

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If you're looking to build a web app with Gatsby. Here are 50 awesome (and free!) Gatsby themes to kick-off the project 🎉

1. LekoArts Cara

LekoArts Cara Theme

Playful and Colorful One-Page portfolio featuring Parallax effects and animations. Especially designers and/or photographers will love this theme! Built with MDX and Theme UI.

  • React Spring Parallax effects
  • Theme UI-based theming
  • CSS Animations and shapes
  • Light/Dark mode

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2. Portfolio Starter Jodie

Portfolio Starter Jodie Theme

Image-heavy photography portfolio with colorful accents & great typography

  • Configurable with theming, CSS Grid & a yaml file for navigation
  • Create your projects by editing a yaml file and putting images into a folder
  • Shows your Instagram posts
  • TypeScript
  • Cypress for End-to-End testing
  • react-spring for animations & transitions
  • Uses styled-components + styled-system
  • SEO with Sitemap, JSONLD, Tags
  • Responsive images with gatsby-image

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3. Dimension

Dimension Gatsby Theme

A fully responsive, single-page React.js website template. Built using Gatsby.js and designed by HTML5 UP. Great for a quick profile or portfolio site.

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4. Gatsby Paradigm Shift

Gatsby Paradigm Shift Theme

Single page responsive site that's perfect for a personal portfolio or small showcase. Original design by HTML5 UP.

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5. JugglerX

JugglerX Theme

Multi page/content-type starter using Markdown and SCSS. Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Gatsby. The theme is fully responsive, blazing fast and artfully illustrated.

  • Graphql query in `gatsby-node.js` using aliases that creates pages and templates by content type based on the folder `src/pages/services`, `src/pages/team`
  • SCSS
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4 grid and media queries only
  • Responsive menu
  • Royalty-free illustrations included
  • SEO titles & meta using `gatsby-plugin-react-helmet`
  • Eslint & Prettier

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6. Gatsby Theme Document

Gatsby Theme Document

A Gatsby.js theme for creating documentation with MDX and Theme UI. Features multiple color modes and navigation that is created automatically.

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7. Ginger

Ginger Gatsby Theme

Ginger beautiful Gatsby and WPGraphQL WordPress theme for bloggers, photographers and any lifestyle professionals looking for an amazing theme that's blazingly fast!

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8. Gatsby Lander

Gatsby Lander Theme

An experimental Gatsby starter built using Tailwind CSS. This single page website template is perfect for getting an idea out the door. With Tailwind CSS, it's very easy to customize the colors and styles of this landing page.

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9. Gatsby Forty

Gatsby Forty Theme

A colorful website template featuring a landing page, two hero banner styles, and a generic page. Built using Gatsby.js and designed by HTML5 UP.

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10. Gatsby Strata

Gatsby Strata Theme

This super simple site features a lightbox style photo gallery. Fully responsive and perfect for displaying your work. Designed by HTML5 UP.

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11. Gatsby Stellar

Gatsby Stellar Theme

A scroll friendly, responsive site. Supports single or multiple pages. Has smooth scrolling to the different sections of the page. Designed by HTML5 UP.

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12. Gatsby Photon

Gatsby Photon Theme

Great single page site that can be a landing page or a portfolio website. Custom grid elements made with CSS Grid! Original design by HTML5 UP.

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13. Ghost & Gatsby

Ghost & Gatsby Theme

Build lightning-fast, modern publications with Ghost and Gatsby.

  • Ghost integration with ready to go placeholder content and webhooks support
  • Minimal responsive design
  • Pagination for posts, tags, and authors
  • SEO Friendly Meta
  • JSON-LD Schema
  • OpenGraph structured data
  • Twitter Cards meta
  • Sitemap Generation
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Progressive Web App
  • Offline Support

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14. Gatsby Netlify

Gatsby Netlify Theme

Gatsby starter using Netlify CMS.

  • Example of a website for a local developer meetup group
  • NetlifyCMS used for easy data entry
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • SASS styling
  • Gatsby version 2

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15. Gatsby Material Kit React

Gatsby Material Kit React Theme

Adaptation of Material Kit React to Gatsby.

  • 60 Handcrafted Components
  • 4 Customized Plugins
  • 3 Example Pages

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16. Blogger

Blogger Gatsby Theme

A Simple, clean and modern designed blog with firebase authentication feature and easily customizable code.

  • Minimal and clean white layout
  • Dynamic content from Contentful
  • Blog post listing with previews (image + summary) for each blog post
  • Disqus commenting system for each blog post
  • Search post with keyword
  • Firebase for Authentication
  • Protected Routes with Authorization
  • Contact form integration

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17. Gatsby Starter Theme

Gatsby Starter Theme

Polished Gatsby theme for a documentation site

  • Prerendered static site
  • Internationalization support by i18next
  • Markdown-based documentation and menus
  • Examples with live playground
  • Unified Theme and Layout
  • Easily customized header nav
  • Built-in home page components

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18. London Portfolio Template

London Portfolio Template Gatsby

A custom, image-centric theme for Gatsby.

  • Post thumbnails in the homepage
  • Built with PostCSS
  • Made for image-centeric portfolios
  • Based on London for Ghost

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19. Gatsby Portfolio

Gatsby Portfolio

Clean gird based Gatsby portfolio theme, with left side navigation and infinite scrolling.

  • Simple portfolio to quick start a site with DatoCMS
  • Contents and media from DatoCMS
  • Custom Sass style
  • SEO

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20. Blog

Blog Gatsby Theme

A blog with all the bells and whistles.

  • Write blog posts into Markdown files (easy to format and content will not be married to any platform)
  • Expandable
  • Responsive and streamlined design.=
  • Blazing fast UX
  • Autogenerated tracedSVG image placeholders are stylized to create a smooth look and transition as the image loads without the page jumping around
  • Posts organized by tags
  • Teasers of posts are generated to front page with infinite scroll which gracefully degrades into pagination
  • Allow readers to be notified of updates with RSS feed and email newsletter
  • Contact Form

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21. Tabor

Tabor Gatsby Theme

A slick portfolio and blog theme converted to a Gatsby theme.

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22. Gatsby Kontent Paperbase

Gatsby Kontent Paperbase Theme

Material UI Paperbase Starter for Gatsby with Kentico Kontent.

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23. DIY

DIY Gatsby Theme

DIY is a multi-page marketing theme with an advanced layout builder.

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24. Azimuth

Azimuth Gatsby Theme

Azimuth is a sleek marketing theme for startup and product sites.

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25. vHealth - Virtual healthcare

vHealth Virtual healthcare Gatsby Theme

Modular and easy to use Gatsby template for a Healthcare Startup.

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26. Gatsby Markdown Material TypeScript/TSX Responsive Blog Starter

Gatsby Markdown Material TypeScript/TSX Responsive Blog Starter

Markdown Material UI TypeScript/TSX.

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27. Gatsby DevBlog

Gatsby DevBlog

A fully customizable blog template designed for developers (or anyone else) wanting to get into blogging.

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28. Intro

Intro Gatsby Theme

Personal branding theme for developers.

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29. Planty

Planty Gatsby Theme

Planty is an e-commerce ready theme powered by Snipcart.

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30. Gatsby Novela

Gatsby Novela Theme

Welcome to Novela, the simplest way to start publishing with Gatsby.

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31. Libris

Libris Gatsby Theme

Libris is a documentation theme.

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32. Vanilla

Vanilla Gatsby Starter

A clean vanilla theme for Stackbit.

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33. Fresh

Fresh Gatsby Starter

Fresh is a personal theme with a blog for Stackbit.

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34. Starter Stackbit

Starter Stackbit Gatsby Theme

A developer-focused starter theme for Stackbit.

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35. Fjord

Fjord Starter Kit

Fjord is a beautiful, minimal blog theme.

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36. Exto

Exto Starter Theme

Exto is portfolio and blog theme with a clean design.

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37. Ampersand

Ampersand Theme

Ampersand is a Medium inspired blogging theme.

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38. Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist

Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist

Gatsby starter for portfolios and blogs using Prismic CMS.

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39. Airtable listing theme for Gatsby

Airtable listing theme for Gatsby

Gatsby starter theme integrated with Airtable.

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40. Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio

Gatsby Contentful Blog and Portfolio

A Gatsby starter for a portfolio with a blog, using Contentful as the CMS.

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41. Gatsby Starter for Scientists

Gatsby Starter for Scientists

A portfolio or lab website for Scientists built with Gatsby.

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42. Gatsby Pocket

Gatsby Pocket Theme

A Gatsby theme that adds a pocket to your website.

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43. Gatsby Starter Fractal

Gatsby Starter Fractal Theme

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Fractal by HTML5 UP.

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44. Gatsby Starter Nehalem

Gatsby Starter Nehalem Theme


  • Fully responsive
  • Highly optimized (Lighthouse score ~400)
  • SEO optimized (with open graph, Twitter Card, JSON-LD, RSS and sitemap)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Search functionality
  • Multi navigations
  • Static pages
  • Fully typed with TypeScript
  • Tagging
  • Theming
  • Customizable

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45. Bonneville

Bonneville Gatsby Theme

A simple, clean GatsbyJS starter for those looking to get up and running with Gatsby

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46. Gatsby Starter Zenii

Gatsby Starter Zenii

A one-page Gatsby starter built with Tailwindcss and Postcss.

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47. Gatsby Starter Interviews

Gatsby Starter Interviews Theme

A responsive Gatsby starter for structured Q&A Interviews.

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48. Gatsby Crafty Theme

Gatsby Crafty Theme

A clean & minimal Gatsby theme!

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49. Gatsby Starter Newage

Gatsby Starter Newage

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on New Age by startbootstrap.

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50. Gatsby All In

Gatsby All In Theme

A GatsbyJs starter that includes the most popular js libraries, already pre-configured and ready for use.

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