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Twitter Rebrand

Is the Twitter Rebrand a glimpse at the future of design?

The CMO at Twitter, Leslie Berland, has announced a substantial rebrand intended to reflect the experience of using the site. The instantly recognizable bird logomark stays, as does the inoffensive tech-blue. But everything else has been grunged up.

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Building A Discord Bot Article Card

Building A Discord Bot Using Discord.js

An introduction to building a Discord bot using the Discord.js module. The bot will share random jokes, assign or revoke user roles, and post tweets of a specific account to a Discord channel.

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React Component Item

React Component Tests for Humans

Writing component tests with the tools available today is boring, and even when you get to writing them, it takes lots of hassle. This article by Miroslav Nikolov shows us a new approach.

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State Of GDPR In 2021 Diagram

State Of GDPR In 2021

As digital practitioners, GDPR has impacted every facet of our professional and personal lives. Whether you’re addicted to Instagram, message your family on WhatsApp, buy products from Etsy or Google information, no one has escaped the rules that were introduced in 2018.

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Demonstrating Shadows

Getting Deep into Shadows

Let’s talk shadows in web design. Shadows add texture, perspective, and emphasize the dimensions of objects. In web design, using light and shadow can add physical realism and can be used to make rich, tactile interfaces.

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Fluid typography with CSS clamp article

Fluid typography with CSS clamp

Learn to create a simple, accessibility friendly and configurable fluid type system that uses modern CSS sizing functions with clamp().

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Core Web Vitals Explained

What Google’s Core Web Vitals Initiative Means for Web Developers

Google is shaking up the internet once more by clearly defining important metrics. SEO optimization will depend on meeting these thresholds. Here’s what you should know!

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CSS Blobs

Three Ways to Blob with CSS and SVG

A neat look at how to make blobs using CSS & SVG!

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How to Favicon in 2021 Article

How to Favicon in 2021

It is time to rethink how we cook a set of favicons for modern browsers and stop the icon generator madness.

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Getting The Most Out Of Git

Getting The Most Out Of Git

In this article, Tobias explores some of the less known but very useful features in Git. You’ll learn how to recover deleted commits, clean up your commit history, use submodules to manage third-party code and compose commits with precision.

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Managing CSS Z-Index In Large Projects

Managing CSS Z-Index In Large Projects

Wrangling z-index values is a difficult task for many developers. Here is an easy-to-implement mini-framework based on existing conventions that brings clarity and confidence to working with z-index.

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Team Communication

Improving Your Team’s Communication In The Age Of Remote Work

In this article, Obed Parlapiano shares his advice and tips on how to improve your team’s communication and productivity by creating habits and processes focused on improving collaboration.

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Lazy Load Routes in Vue

Lazy Load Routes in Vue with webpack Dynamic Comments

This article by Jorge Baumann introduces a handy technique for lazy loading routes in Vue.

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SVG Wave generator

Want to make SVG waves? Check out this generator by Bereket Semagn!

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