Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Static Site Generator that aims to be a simpler alternative to Jekyl. It has been steadily gaining popularity in recent times, with 8.4K GitHub stars and 238 GitHub forks and growing!

It's completely open-source, written in JavaScript and unlike other SSG's (Gatsby, NuxtJS) it doesn't come bundled with a front-end library. Instead, it takes a series of templates, markdown files, and data and renders them as HTML to serve. It works with HTML, Markdown, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache, EJS, Haml, Pug, and JavaScript Template Literals. Find out more at the official site!

So without further ado, here are 50 Eleventy starter themes to kick off 2021!

1. Eleventyone

Eleventyone 11ty Theme

A scaffold for a quick start building with the Eleventy SSG.

See more details

2. Smix Eleventy Starter

Smix 11ty Theme

A starter kit for Eleventy v0.11.1 and Forestry CMS/Netlify. Based on gulp v4.

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3. tai11s

tai11s 11ty Theme

An Eleventy starter with Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS.

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4. 11ty.js

11ty.js 11ty Theme

An Eleventy starter project using JavaScript templates.

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5. pugsum

pugsum 11ty Theme

An 11ty starter kit using Pug Templates and TailwindCSS.

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6. Industrial Empathy

Industrial Empathy 11ty Theme

A high-performance blog template for the 11ty static site generator.

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7. 11ty Contentful Starter

Contentful Starter 11ty Theme

A Contentful 11ty starter project.

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8. Vredeburg

Vredeburg 11ty Theme

A simple starter project to create a blog using Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.

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9. Eleventy Duo

Eleventy Duo 11ty Theme

Eleventy Duo is a minimal and beautiful Eleventy theme for personal blogs.

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10. Neat Starter

Neat Starter 11ty Theme

Starter template for Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alpine JS & Tailwind CSS.

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11. 11r

11r 11ty Theme

A blog template and theme using 11ty, TailwindCSS, Rollup, Prism syntax highlighting, etc.

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12. YAES

YAES 11ty Theme

Starter kit for your next eleventy(11ty) project using postcss, es6, snowpack, webpack.

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13. Fundamenty

Fundamenty 11ty Theme

11ty Starter with Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab Pages-ready.

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14. Eleventy Starter Boilerplate

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate 11ty Theme

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog.

See more details & check out the demo

15. Minimal 11ty Tailwind Starter

Minimal 11ty Tailwind Starter Theme

A very minimal eleventy starter using Tailwind CSS for styling. It features a smart navigation component that sets active states automatically.

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16. Dark Portfolio Theme for 11ty

Dark Portfolio Theme for 11ty

This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty!

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17. 11tyFrame

11tyFrame Theme

A light site frame using Eleventy static site generator.

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18. Eleventy Hylia

Eleventy Hylia 11ty Theme

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit to help you to create your own blog or personal website.

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19. Eleventy Hylia Forestry

Eleventy Hylia Forestry 11ty Theme

Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Forestry CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well-organized starting point to extend it for yourself.

See more details

20. Seven

Seven 11ty Theme

An Eleventy template using Bootstrap, Sass, Webpack, Vue.js powered search, includes lots of other features.

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21. Eleventy Starter Ghost

Eleventy Starter Ghost 11ty Theme

A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy.

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22. Eleventy Minimal Blog

Eleventy Minimal Blog 11ty Theme

A minimal blog template using eleventy.

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23. Skeleventy

Skeleventy 11ty Theme

A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy.

See more details

24. Eleventy 2 Snipcart

Eleventy 2 Snipcart 11ty Theme

A demo snipcart app built with 11ty.

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25. Medium Export

Medium Export 11ty Theme

A demo of generating a JAMstack site from an RSS feed.

See more details

26. Eleventy NetlifyCMS Boilerplate

Eleventy NetlifyCMS Boilerplate 11ty Theme

A boilerplate for building a simple website with the Eleventy static site generator.

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27. Eleventy Base Blog

Eleventy Base Blog 11ty Theme

A starter repository for a blog web site using the Eleventy static site generator.

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28. Hawksworth

Hawksworth 11ty Theme

A blog site, powered by Eleventy and Netlify.

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29. Eleventy About Me

Eleventy About Me 11ty Theme

A personal website template, built with Eleventy.

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30. Twelvety

Twelvety 11ty Theme

Twelvety is a pre-configured Eleventy starter project built to be fast.

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31. 11ty Contentful Gallery

11ty Contentful Gallery Theme

An example photo gallery made using Contentful and 11ty.

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32. Eleventy React Starter

Eleventy React Starter

Use React components in Eleventy!

See more details

33. JAMStack Web Starter

JAMStack Web Starter

Static website workflow utilizing Eleventy, Tailwind CSS, Webpack and PostCSS.

See more details

34. Agility CMS Eleventy Starter

Agility CMS Eleventy Starter

A sample Eleventy starter that uses Agility CMS and aims to be a foundation for building fully static sites using 11ty and Agility CMS.

See more details

35. 11st Starter Kit

11st Starter Kit

11ty, powered by Snowpack with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

See more details

36. XITY Starter

XITY Starter Theme

A blog-ready 11ty starter based on PostCSS, with RSS feed and Native Elements.

See more details

37. pack11ty

pack11ty 11ty Theme

A heavily opinionated Eleventy template project!

See more details

38. Eleventy Classic Blog Starter

Eleventy Classic Blog Starter Theme

A starter repository for a classic blog website using the Eleventy SSG.

See more details

39. 11ta Template

11ta Template

Deeply customizable, full-featured, ready to publish blog template built with 11ty, TailwindCSS, & Alpine.js.

See more details

40. JET

JET 11ty Theme

It‘s (j)ust (e)leventy and (t)ailwind … OK, and a few other things; it‘s still really small though.

See more details

41. rocket11ty

rocket11ty 11ty Theme

A simple halfmoon 11ty blog based on eleventy-base-blog.

See more details

42. 11ty Netlify Jumpstart

11ty Netlify Jumpstart

Quickly launch an 11ty-generated static site. Includes a minimal Sass framework, and generated sitemap, RSS feed, and social share preview images.

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43. Supermaya

Supermaya 11ty Theme

Supermaya is an Eleventy starter kit designed to help you add rich features to a blog or website without the need for a complicated build process.

See more details

44. Eleventy Webpack

Eleventy Webpack 11ty Theme

A barebones Eleventy and Webpack boilerplate.

See more details

45. 11tyby

11tyby Theme

Simple 11ty setup using TypeScript, SASS, Preact with partial hydration, and other useful things. Aims to provide the DX of Gatsby, but using 11ty!

See more details

46. Eleventy Encore

Eleventy Encore 11ty Theme

Basic 11ty setup using webpack encore.

See more details

47. Twenty Ninety

Twenty Ninety 11ty Theme

A production-ready Eleventy starter kit, optimized for performance.

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48. Eleventy Solo Starter

Eleventy Solo Starter 11ty Theme

A starter set for the Eleventy static site generator (SSG).

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49. Eleventy Site

Eleventy Site 11ty Theme

A simple eleventy starter site.

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50. Elevenpack

Elevenpack 11ty Theme

Eleventy starter pack with modern JS and CSS workflows.

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