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How to Get Sticky and Full-Bleed Elements to Play Well Together

An extremely useful example of building a layout with full-bleed elements, while one element stays stuck to the top!

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Weaving Web Accessibility With Usability Article Card

Weaving Web Accessibility With Usability

In this article, Uri Paz explains how a site complying with accessibility guidelines may still present usability issues when testing with real users. Find out how weaving accessibility best practices with usability testing, can help as many people as possible to fully use your site.

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Amplify, Amplified

Amplify always had a CLI that helps you build projects by setting up stuff like auth, storage, and APIs. That’s super useful, but now, you can do those things with the new Admin UI. And more, like model your data (!!), right from a local UI.

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Netlify Migration Example

How To Migrate From WordPress To The Eleventy Static Site Generator

If you’re a designer or developer with intermediate knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, and know your way around GitHub and the command line, this tutorial is for you. We’re going to walk step-by-step through converting a WordPress site into a static site generated from Markdown.

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Pointing Finger

10 JavaScript One-liners You Have Got to Add Your Arsenal as a Developer

JavaScript can do a lot of amazing things! From complex frameworks to handling API’s, there is just SO much to learn. But, it also enables you to do some awesome stuff using just one single line.

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Playfulness In Code: Supercharge Your Learning By Having Fun Article Card

Playfulness In Code: Supercharge Your Learning By Having Fun

In the product-focused world of development, it can be easy to forget the joy of making for the sake of making. By dropping the ‘Why’ and ‘How’, and focusing instead on the ‘What’ of weird, wonderful ideas, you can nurture a totally different side to your skill sets.

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Vue Logo

What’s New In Vue 3?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the new features of Vue 3! We’re also going be taking a look at some of the changes to the existing features.

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Netlify, Gatsby and Fauna Logos

How to create a client-serverless Jamstack app using Netlify, Gatsby and Fauna

In this article, we will learn how to build a Jamstack application using the combined-power of Netlify, Gatsby & Fauna!

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The Core Web Vitals hype train Article

The Core Web Vitals Hype Train

Earlier this week, Google announced that they will officially start using a subset of web performance metrics known as Core Web Vitals as part of their search ranking calculations starting in May 2021. This is huge, positive news in the perf & SEO worlds.

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Nuxt, Auth, OAuth, M1 Updates, and Truths About Digital Accessibility

In this weeks podcast, Chris & Dave try to work out Auth and OAuth with Nuxt, they fix a fixed header issue, look at more on Apple's M1 processor, and a blog post reading of the Truths about Digital Accessibility.

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CSS Area Chart

How to Make an Area Chart With CSS

In this article, we’ll see how to create an area chart with CSS, using a semantic and accessible HTML foundation.

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GraphQL Laptop Logo

Introduction to GraphQL for Developers

GraphQL is a powerful query language for APIs and a runtime for resolving queries with data. This tutorial provides a nice overview before diving into the basics.

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Random Colors

Lots of Ways to Use Math.random() in JavaScript

Let’s look at eight different ways we can use the Math.random() JavaScript API. These examples are all from different authors doing something interesting with this API.

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Halfmoon Logo

Considerations for Making a CSS Framework

A great article, arguing for more flexibility for customization and account of user preferences when working on the web, especially in the framework landscape.

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Rendering Spectrum

A nice overview of the rendering methods landscape! Which is best? Whatever works for you!

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