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Developer Gradient

What is Developer Experience (DX)?

Developer Experience is a term with a self-declaring meaning —the experience of developers— but it eludes definition in the sense that people invoke it at different times for different reasons referring to different things.

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Easing Animations in Canvas

This article looks specifically at animation in canvas and techniques to make them look smoother.

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Guardian Home Page

What Vitruvius Can Teach Us About Web Design

The ancients can teach us a thing or two about design — even web design. The Roman architect Vitruvius had buildings in mind when laying out his golden triad, but its principles are just as applicable to the web as they are to brick and mortar.

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Mop and Bucket

Stay DRY Using axios for API Requests

This article takes a look at how we can write DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) HTTP requests using Axios.

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Flutter logo

Solving Common Cross-Platform Issues When Working With Flutter

When using cross-platform frameworks, people might forget the nuances of each of the platforms they want their code to run on. This article aims to address that.

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Jigglypuff CSS

Advice for Complex CSS Illustrations

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to CSS illustration, Jhey Tompkins shows us his set of techniques that might help you on your journey.

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Browser Tiled Logos

Web Engine Diversity and Ecosystem Health

For many years, we've seen lots of conversation on the topic of "browser engine diversity". Brian Kardell offers a slightly tilted view of this based instead on "the health of the ecosystem", and he explains why this is more valuable measure to discuss these topics.

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Immer Article Card

Better Reducers With Immer

In this article, we’re going to learn how to use Immer to write reducers. Manually writing reducers results in bloated code where we have to touch almost every part of our state. We’re going to see how Immer brings more simplicity to the process of writing state reducers.

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React Flip Animations

Everything You Need to Know About FLIP Animations in React

One of the most efficient approaches to animation is FLIP. Let’s take a look at the intersection of using the WAAPI, FLIP, and integrating all that into React.

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Video Call Demo

Which Video Conferencing Tools Are Most Accessible?

In this article, Claudio Luis Vera explains what to keep in mind when choosing between video conferencing tools to benefit everyone on your team — including those with disabilities.

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Shoptalk Show Logo

RSS Feeds, MMO Games, DnD, and Custom Fields

This week on Shoptalk: we're talking RSS feeds, Gemstone 4, MMO games, DnD, Jekyll vs Eleventy performance, email newsletters, Github and Microsoft, and strategies for dealing with Jamstack page jank.

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WordPress Block Editor

Adding a Custom Welcome Guide to the WordPress Block Editor

This article shows us how to bake documentation directly into a Wordpress plugin and make it easily accessible in the block editor. This way, users get to use the plugin right away while having answers to common questions directly where they’re working.

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