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Compressed CSS

How I Used Brotli to Get Even Smaller CSS and JavaScript Files at CDN Scale

This article takes a look at using Brotli on a production scale, showing how it can be very economical and can saves costs on many fronts.

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Design Effectiveness Article

How To Test A Design Concept For Effectiveness

Getting a client or stakeholder to approve a design concept can be challenging. However, testing can make it easier, as well as ensuring you have the right solution.

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Newspaper Stack

A Primer on Display Advertising for Web Designers

This article looks at some options where we might consider or commonly expect to place advertisements in webpages, then moves into styling strategies.

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React Startup Screen

Consuming REST APIs In React With Fetch And Axios

Shedrack Akintayo explains what a REST API is and how to build a simple application that consumes a REST API by using both Fetch API and Axios.

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Inclusive Design Principles

Equivalent Experiences: Thinking Equivalently

This article addresses some common accessibility issues, and looks at how to best go about improving them so everyone can effortlessly access your content.

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Webmentions Logo

Jumping Into Webmentions With NextJS (or Not)

A guide to working with Webmentions: Defining an endpoint, Processing social media, Getting mentions & Setting outbound mentions.

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Keyframes Animations Article

A New Way to Delay Keyframes Animations

A look at some common issues surrounding delay animations & how to handle them effectively.

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Podcast Card

Smashing Podcast Ep. 17: What’s New In Drupal 9?

In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re taking a look at what’s new in Drupal 9. What are the major upcoming changes to this nearly 20-year-old open-source project?

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Click! Here Book

Click! Here: Meet Our New Smashing Book

Meet “Click!”, Smashing Magazines' new guide on how to build trust, increase conversion and boost business KPIs effectively — without alienating people along the way.

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React Error Handling

React Error Handling And Reporting With Error Boundary And Sentry

This tutorial explores the concept of error boundaries in a React application. Showing how we can use error boundaries to deliver a better app experience & how to integrate Sentry for realtime error reporting.

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Jen Simmons Podcast Talk

CSS Aspect Ratio, Rendering Engines, and More with Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons is back on the show to talk about her new HTML Essentials course, CSS Aspect Ratio, rendering engines vs browsers, and a big announcement from her personally!

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Rotated Table Column Headers Example

Rotated Table Column Headers… Now With Fewer Magic Numbers!

This guide shows us how we can rotate column headers without the trigonometry. By replacing it with some careful geometry and removing magic numbers.

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