Brutalism as a design methodology stands in direct contrast with more 'highly polished' solutions.

It's often called the 'raw concrete' of the web, with its unconventional, unrefined & raw aesthetic that evokes strong feelings of nostalgia.

So let's take a peek at 18 Brutalist UI Design Examples!

Online Book Store - Concept by Johann Schnettker

Online Book Store UI

Brutalist Clothes Sale by Ciarán Dold

Brutalist Clothes Sale

NEW SITE, WHO DIS?? by Zach Halfhill

New Site UI

Portfolio website by Victoria

Victoria Portfolio UI

My Portfolio by Anna Aloshyna

Anna Portfolio UI

Plumage web design mock up by Markela Bgiala

Plumage UI Design

Brutalist Website by Victor Belinatti

Victor Belinatti UI

F.A.Q. – Day 92 #DailyUI by Patryk Kalwas

Brutal FAQ UI Design

brutalist happiness by Tomasz Zastawny

Brutalist Happiness UI

36 Days Of Type - Day 5 by Johann Schnettker

36 Days of Type UI

Brutalist Portfolio by Svetlana Radenkovic

Brutalist Portfolio UI

My Yought Yugoslavia by Antonio Stojceski

My Yugoslavia UI

Boom Festival - Single event by Vukasin Stancevic

Boom Festival UI

Neon City by Davide Baratta

Neon City UI

Weedmore layout by Michał Rome

Weedmore UI Design

Mono Ecommerce Mobile Website by tubik

Mono Design UI

Mutant Radio by Giga Tamarashvili

Mutant Radio UI

RESET by Davide Baratta

Reset UI Design

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