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CSS Leading Line Height

How to Tame Line Height in CSS

To truly understand the line-height property in CSS, we should learn about its origins in typography. This article takes us on that journey!

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Accessible image diagram

Accessible Images For When They Matter Most

This article reviews the different types of images, looking at real-world examples of inaccessible public service announcements (PSAs), and discusses which elements matter most when critical messages need to reach everyone.

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CMS Comparison Charts

How to Make a Simple CMS With Cloudflare, GitHub Actions and Metalsmith

This tutorial takes us through using GitHub as a CMS to manage, version control, and store files, and also be the place for content editing. When edits occur, a series of automations will test, verify, and ultimately deploy content to Cloudflare.

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Styling Components In React Author Card

Styling Components In React

This article takes use through the various ways we can style React components from using stylesheets to using external styling libraries.

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Dark Patterns alternative

How To Convince Others Not To Use Dark Patterns

Arguing that dark patterns are unethical is not enough on its own. We will also need to make the case to clients and colleagues that they are damaging to business. That’s what Paul has also written in his new Smashing book, “Click”.

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Virtual Gatsby Days: Speaker Announcement

Virtual Gatsby Days: Announcing Our Speakers

Virtual Gatsby Days is just around the corner! This two day single-track conference is a unique opportunity for the Gatsby community to come together online, develop their skills and expertise, and interact with each other and the Gatsby team. This article announces the first wave of speakers!

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CSS Mask Diagonals

Using CSS Masks to Create Jagged Edges

Learn how to use CSS Masks to create some fun jagged edges in your apps!

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React Logo

Dealing With Stale Props and States in React’s Functional Components

A look at how closures can sometimes be the cause of stale props & state. And how we should approach this challenge.

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Freddie Mercury in HTML and CSS

Freddie Mercury in HTML & CSS!

A neat pure CSS Freddie Mercury by Ricardo Oliva Alonso.

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Responsive Phone Background

Turning a Fixed-Size Object into a Responsive Element

This article takes us through building a library to make fixed objects responsive.

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RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Warner Episode

RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Warner

Tom Preston-Werner talks about his latest project, RedwoodJS, and the decisions made about how it works, public APIs, how tied to Netlify RedwoodJS is, and why they're using Prisma.

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TypeScript, React, Babel and Webpack Logos

Setting TypeScript For Modern React Projects Using Webpack And Babel

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to efficiently set up TypeScript in a React Project while building a Money Heist Episode Picker App, exploring TypeScript, React hooks such as useReducer, useContext and Reach Router.

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