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CSS Contain Squares

Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into the CSS Contain Property

An exploration of the CSS contain property, which we can use to help the browser figure out what calculations it can reduce in priority or maybe even skip altogether - to load faster pages!

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Vue Survey Tutorial Author

How To Build A Vue Survey App Using Firebase Authentication And Database

A tutorial to take you from validating user data through Vuelidate, to authentication, storing the user’s data, route protection and sending data to Firebase servers.

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MDX Logo

Working With MDX Custom Elements and Shortcodes

A look at how we can customize MDX by replacing Markdown elements with our own MDX components & how we can add shortcodes.

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Biased Design Decision

Reducing Design Risk

Some solid practical advice on how to create designs that better serve customers and the company: context over convenience, compromise, better design decisions, design reduction.

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Tetris Blocks

How to Use Block Variations in WordPress

An overview of block variations introduced in WordPress 5.4.

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Tablist Arrows

The Anatomy of a Tablist Component in Vanilla JavaScript Versus React

A comparison between the framework everyone loves (to hate?) React vs VanillaJS when creating a Tablist component.

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Smashing Tobi

Meet SmashingConf Live: Our New Interactive Online Conference

A ook at what's planned for SmashingConf Live (June 9–10). With interactive live sessions, practical insights, accessible speakers, collaborative notes and friendly fireplace chats with like-minded folks.

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Custom List

List Style Recipes

A look at a number of ways we can style & work with HTML lists.

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Vue Rocketship

Control a Rocket 🚀 Ship with Vue

This fun demo by Jack Domleo lets you control a vue powered rocket ship!

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css macintosh 128k

CSS macintosh 128k

A wobbling macintosh coded in pure CSS by Ivan Ushmorov.

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Vitaly Freidman Podcast Chat

Vitaly Freidman and Smashing Magazine in 2020

Vitaly Friedman talks about the changing landscape of publishing on the web, the changes seen in web conferences, the difference between a workshop and a webinar and keeping up with front end!

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React and Ionic Logos

An Introduction To React With Ionic

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to build a mobile application that pulls data from the Marvel Comics API; the data will show Marvel comics and you’ll be able to choose your favorites. At the end, we’ll create a native build of the project on Android.

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