The landing page is undoubtedly one of the most important pages on any website. It provides the initial impression, sets the tone & potentially drives the user to action. Effective landing pages encourage visitors to stay and explore, and go a long way toward converting visitors into customers.

If you're looking to establish a web presence for a startup or side project, using a free landing page template is a great option. You don't need design or coding skills, and in no time at all you'll have a beautiful & effective landing page to call your own.

So without further ado, here are 50 free landing page templates for 2020!

All are pure HTML (not tied to a CMS), free & ready to go!

1. Venus

Venus Landing Page

Venus is a highly animated one page landing page template perfect for apps. It's fully responsive & customisable with editable placeholders & color palette options.

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2. Leno

Leno Landing Template

Leno is a dark mobile app HTML landing page with a plethora of eye-catching features. Including an image slider with a large preview for placeholders, a dynamic carousel for customer testimonials, and a set of useful additional pages.

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3. Leon

Leon Landing Template

Leon is a mobile app website Bootstrap HTML template with a dark style designed to promote mobile apps to the online audience and making visitors download them from the popular app stores.

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4. Avid

Avid Landing Template

Avid is a SaaS app website Bootstrap HTML template with a dark style built to help you create beautiful and efficient online presentations for your web apps and convince visitors to sign up for them.

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5. Solid

Solid Landing Template

Solid is a one-page landing template perfect for online tools, SaaS products, and digital services. Featuring a sleek dark look & 3D icons/illustrations.

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6. Parason

Parason Landing Template

Parason is great for SaaS, business, mobile and web applications. Featuring call-to-action buttons strategically placed across the design, sticky navigation, pricing plans, testimonials, forms and google maps.

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7. Tivo

Tivo Landing Template

Tivo is great for SaaS websites & B2C application pages. Featuring a simple dropdown navigation, article details, video box & text slider testimonials.

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8. Marshmallow

Marshmallow Landing Template

Marshmallow has been designed for SaaS products, startups, and application showcases. Featuring beautifully designed elements which make your website look and feel secure and professional.

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9. Crafted

Crafted Landing Template

Crafted is perfect if you offer creative web design and development services. Featuring an about, services, projects and team page. As well as a blog, contact form and Google Maps integration.

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10. Laurel

Laurel Landing Template

Laurel is a lovely showcase for your mobile application. The template is handy for developers in that it comes with the Sass files, NPM scripts as the build tool, and the package.json sample file. For the design, all assets are built to offer endless customisation options.

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11. Evolo

Evolo Landing Template

Evolo is perfect for online services and digital products. Featuring a collection of supporting elements that can be integrated to add pages or build a completely new website with convenience.

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12. Appland

Appland Landing Template

Appland is another fantastic starter template for application landings. Featuring an original design and all necessary elements a startup needs to build compelling landing pages!

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13. Sierra

Sierra Landing Template

The Sierra startup template is fully responsive and retina ready. It is packed with a multitude of features which you can use to get your business online fast!

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14. Gaas

Gaas Landing Template

With a light, yet vibrant, and fully responsive layout, Gaas makes sure your users are hooked immediately regardless of what device they use.

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15. Atlas

Atlas Landing Template

Atlas is a responsive and highly customisable landing page offering numerous features! It's a great option if you wish to promote a SaaS product.

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16. Fancy

Fancy Landing Template

Fancy is a professional looking creative business website template for medium and small businesses in any industry. It comes with a well designed and feature rich front page as well as blog & looks stunning on any mobile device.

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17. Drimo

Drimo Landing Template

Drimo works well with hosting, mobile app, SaaS, repairing and gadget websites. It also includes eleven contemporary one-page layouts for all sorts of products and services.

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18. Raptor

Raptor Landing Template

Raptor is a professional, contemporary and neatly designed template packed full of quality assets. Featuring a striking filtered gradient.

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19. April

April Landing Template

April has smooth navigation, neat sections for displaying app features, customer testimonials and product previews.

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20. Switch

Switch Landing Template

Featuring a hero toggle allowing you to switch between light and dark mode, this one-page template will definitely wow your users. Plus the subtle animations are a nice touch!

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21. Edumark

Edumark Landing Template

Edumark is a fantastic solution for a striking web presence. Featuring a full-screen banner, call-to-action buttons, drop-down menu, sticky navigation, filterable courses portfolio, testimonials, a newsletter subscription form, blog pages and a contact section.

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22. Kairos

Kairos Landing Template

Kairos is a delightful app template. Designed with UX in mind to let your customers discover more about the features your app provides, plus a benefits section leading into the contact form call-to-action. Kairos uses smooth transitions to give your landing a more natural look and feel.

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23. Dazzle

Dazzle Landing Template

Dazzle features a strong a parallax scrolling layout which offers smooth appearances and unlimited customization possibilities. It is a visually appealing one page for nearly every possible occasion.

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24. Landing

Landing Template Design

Landing is a modern SaaS landing template with a smooth user experience to make your site stand out from the crowd. And as a bonus, all the images from Landing can be used for personal or commercial projects!

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25. Multipurpose

Multipurpose Landing Template

This multi-purpose Bootstrap kit features a number of templates. All are fully responsive with subtle animations and use of parallax effects.

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26. Basic

Basic Landing Template Theme

Basic is a software and SaaS landing template developed with Bootstrap 4. It's fully responsive & ready for your customization!

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27. SaaS Subscription

SaaS Subscription Landing Template

SaaS subscription is the perfect HTML landing page template with a strong call-to-action to acquire new users and converts visitors into potential customers. The template features several nice graphics and pre-built sections, and it’s easily editable.

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28. Eclipse

Eclipse Landing Template

Eclipse is great for online courses & even school, college or university pages. Its has a sleek modern design, to help you win over your users.

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29. Software

Berlin Software Landing Template

The Berlin Software app template has been built for SaaS projects and product conversion pages. Including several table options & a section for video presentations.

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30. Startup

Startup Landing Page Template

Startup works across all devices and platforms without a hitch. Along with the nifty home page, it includes plenty of ready-to-use elements.

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31. Ellie

Ellie Landing Template

Ellie is a beautiful dark, bright, and compact free template. Featuring top hero animations and pixel-perfect shapes, you will never have visitors bouncing before scrolling to the body section again.

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32. Slick

Slick Landing Template

Slick is a multi-purpose web template based on Bootstrap 4. It was designed with best UI/UX practices to provide an excellent experience on any kind of digital device. It comes with two different homepage variations for web-based software products and mobile applications.

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33. SaaS Application

Shades SaaS Landing Template

SaaS application is a Bootstrap 4 landing template with a delightful color scheme. Featuring fun illustrations, modern icons, pricing components, and a text form call-to-action.

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34. Web Application

Shades Web App Template

Shades' Web Application web application template is great for web or desktop apps. Featuring some very engaging call to actions. This template will help you build an attractive standalone page for a variety of needs.

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35. Knight

Knight Landing Page Template

Knight is a dark, modern, and elegant Bootstrap 4 landing template. Featuring Font Awesome icons, slick slider, an FAQ list, and more.

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36. Online Course

Online Course Landing Template

Online Course is a free template for creating and selling online courses. Featuring ready to access online classes, video lessons, and review systems.

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37. Union

Union Landing Page Template

Union comes with over 10 different color schemes, as well as Sass component files (for easy customization). It's ideal for a quick setup & launch!

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38. Mobile App by Berlin

Berlin Mobile App Landing Template

Mobile App 2.0 is ideal for mobile apps, startups and digital businesses. Featuring a clean layout & easy setup process.

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39. Simple

Simple Landing Template

Simple is a one page landing page template ideal for online services & digital products. Featuring human illustrations, pixel perfect icons, and a set of pre-built elements for easy customization.

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40. Phantom

Phantom Landing Template

Phantom is a template for developers looking for a clean landing page for their side projects, The layout is perfect for selling browser extensions, however it can easily be adapted to suit your requirements.

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41. Nova

Nova Landing Template

Nova is a professional mobile app landing page built with Bootstrap 4. It has a fresh minimal look with lots of customization options.

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42. Snap

Snap Landing Template

Snap is a landing page perfect for a utility application. Features include pricing tabs, support section, desktop placeholders, benefit tiles, and a carousel to display user reviews.

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43. Digital Service

Digital Service Template

Digital service is a landing page for your mobile app. It's based on Bootstrap 4, featuring a variety of pre-designed parts such as masonry testimonials, pricing table, input forms, three-column feature section, and many more.

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44. Quick

Quick Landing Template

Quick is an HTML landing page built for mobile-first projects, startups, and digital services. This template includes 50+ pre-built components, 2 useful plugins, and 4 nicely designed responsive pages.

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45. devAid

devAid Landing Templates

devAid is ideal for developers looking to showcase their side projects. The template comes with multiple color options, source SCSS files to easily perform styling customization.

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46. The SEO Company

SEO Company Landing Template

The SEO Company is a template for digital teams looking to sell online services. Featuring attractive transitions, mobile touch sliders, and a well mixed set of advanced elements to maximize conversion rates.

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47. Start Bootstrap Landing Page

Start Bootstrap Landing Page

Built with Bootstrap 4, this landing page makes it easy to establish a web presence. Featuring an input form opt-in header with responsive background image, and several generous content sections to showcase functionalities and benefits.

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48. Coming Soon

Coming Soon Landing Template

With this template you can build pre-launch landing page with ease. It is designed to be multi-purpose, so you don’t need heavy customization to adapt the content to suit your needs.

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49. Dev Space

Dev Space Landing Page

Dev Space is a beautifully designed template for app development consultant services. Featuring several free streamline icons, a generous illustration pack, and a well-documented code written with efficiency and easy to maintain.

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50. Butterfly

Butterfly Landing Template

Butterfly is a clean one page Bootstrap template perfect for startups wanting to feature a strong call to action and multiple informational pages. The template is retina-ready & fully responsive.

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