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Dark mode letters

Dark mode and variable fonts

Robin Rendle writes about how we can fix the "white text on dark background" problem by making the text thinner in dark mode using variable fonts!

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98.css Landing Page


98.css is a CSS library for building interfaces that look like Windows 98.

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Flutter Logo

Responsive Web And Desktop Development With Flutter

Here’s what you need to know to be ready to take on the task of developing web and desktop apps using this wonderful cross-platform framework.

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Agile method diagram

Why Collaborative Coding Is The Ultimate Career Hack

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, coding collaboratively is one of the best uses of your time. And there’s never been a better time to practice pair programming and embrace Agile development.

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Favicon Examples

SVG, Favicons, and All the Fun Things We Can Do With Them

A neat article on using an SVG as a favicon. It’s something that most modern browsers are now supporting.

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Responsive Social Platform UI Landing

Responsive Social Platform UI

Aysenur Turk codes a fully responsive social UI from this beautiful dribbble shot by Quan Ha.

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Customisable Netflix Logo

Customisable Netflix Logo Animation

A fun Netflix logo animation with color switch options.

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Serverless App Flows

Rethinking Twitter as a Serverless App

This article shows we can build a real-world app with highly dynamic data in a serverless fashion using React hooks, FaunaDB & Cloudinary.

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Terminal screen with Node commands

Exploring Node.js Internals

This article walks us through Node.js, with a focus on understanding how its internals interact with one another.

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Brotli Article Introduction

Real-World Effectiveness of Brotli

This article provides a wonderfully detailed comparison of gzip vs brotli for asset compression.

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Search Logo with Tartanify

How to Add Lunr Search to your Gatsby Website

A great tutorial showing how we can add search functionality to our JAMStack websites with lunr & Gatsby.js.

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BEM Page Diagram

Building a Scalable CSS Architecture With BEM and Utility Classes

This article explains how we can build a scalable architecture for our projects using CSS globals, BEM & utility classes.

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Wash you hands text

Creating Playful Effects With CSS Text Shadows

A fun demonstration of how we can use the CSS text-shadow property to create truly 3D-looking text.

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Stripe & Streaming with Suz Hinton

Stripe & Streaming with Suz Hinton

A talk with Suz Hinton about what it's like to work at Stripe, how businesses should consider storing billing data, her live stream coding journey, and building and coding digital devices like the Arduino.

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React Setup Page

Implementing Skeleton Screens In React

This tutorial looks at what a skeleton screen UI is and some types of skeleton screen libraries, along with their pros and cons. Then at how to build a YouTube-like skeleton screen UI using React loading skeleton.

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