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Crystal Ball Animation

Tips for Writing Animation Code Efficiently

A wonderful resource by Zach Saucier for writing animation code using GSAP.

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The React Hooks API Guide

Getting Started With The React Hooks API

A tutorial covering the basics of react hooks, including the newer hooks shipped with React 16.8. Also a neat section on writing your own custom hooks.

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Synthwave Art Scene

Synthwave Art Scenes by Denny Busyet

Some 80s/90s Nostalgia from Denny Busyet!

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Stack Overflow Dark Mode Landing

Building Dark Mode on Stack Overflow

On March 30, 2020, Stack Overflow enabled an opt in for a beta dark mode. This article looks at the work that went into making it happen.

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UX Logo In Pandemic

How to be useful as a UX designer in pandemic

This article lists a number of ways that UX designers can help in a pandemic.

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Finger above Push Button

Creating Scheduled Push Notifications

A handy guide to scheduling push notifications using service workers.

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Smashing Podcast Logo

Smashing Podcast with Laura Kalbag: What Is Online Privacy?

This episode of the Smashing Podcast is all about online privacy. What should web developers be doing to make sure the privacy of they're users is maintained? Drew McLellan talks with Laura Kalbag, to find out.

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Nifty Netflix Logo

How to Re-Create a Nifty Netflix Animation in CSS

How to code the famous Netflix UI hover. No JavaScript. No dependencies. Just Plain CSS!

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A Grid of Logos in Squares

A Grid of Logos in Squares

A nice demo on using CSS grid to make a layout of squares containing responsive logos.

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WordPress and GitHub Actions Logos

Continuous Deployments for WordPress Using GitHub Actions

This tutorial guides you through deploying your WordPress theme to a server using GitHub Actions. The workflow file created can easily be reused for future projects, making continuous deployment setups a breeze.

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Building Browser Features Podcast

Building Browser Features with Brian Kardell

Brian Kardell talks about how new features get into browsers and the fun and challenging journey it takes to get there.

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Free Developer Blog Using Hugo And Firebase Signup

Create Your Free Developer Blog Using Hugo And Firebase

This article looks at how to deploy a blog for free and with minimal effort using Hugo and Firebase.

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