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Google Sheets and Eleventy

Creating an Editable Site with Google Sheets and Eleventy

How to build a performant static site with eleventy that takes its data from Google Sheets and deploys automatically whenever updates are made.

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Make Life Easier When Using Git

How To Make Life Easier When Using Git

You don’t need to know your trees from your dangling blobs. If you use Git every day and feel like it’s a juggling act, then here are some tricks and tips to help make your life a bit easier.

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Category Page Design Wireframe

How To Increase Mobile Conversions With Category Page Design

Recent research has found that e-commerce category pages have higher click-through rates in search than individual category pages. So, if your e-commerce site is struggling to attract shoppers and convert them, your category pages (specifically, those on mobile) might be in need of a redesign.

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Developer Tools

How Should Designers Learn To Code? Git, HTML/CSS, Engineering Principles (Part 2)

Paul Hanaoka continues this series explaining the topics of version control (Git), HTML and CSS, semantic code, also with a brief introduction to some key engineering principles.

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Auto-Growing Inputs & Textareas

Auto-Growing Inputs & Textareas

By default, <input> & <textarea> elements don't change size based on the content they contain. In fact, there isn't any simple HTML or CSS way to make them do that. Let's look at how we can add this functionality.

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An Introduction to MDXJS

MDX is only a few years old but its influence has been growing in the content space. From writing blog posts and visualizing data to creating interactive demos and decks. This article provides a neat overview.

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Indicating Scroll Position Example

Indicating Scroll Position on a Page With CSS

This demo shows how we can add scroll position indicators using just CSS!

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Cartoon of ux communication

The UX Writing Starter‑Kit

What is UX Writing and how can you launch your career in this fast-growing field of Product Design? UX writer Alysa Yamada sheds light on the role of UX writers and how you can start building your career in this area.

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Prettier 2.0 Logo

Prettier 2.0 “2020”

Prettier 2.0 is here! Check out the new release.

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Cross-Cultural Design Podcast

Cross-Cultural Design with Senongo Akpem

Seneongo Akpem talks about his new book, Cross-Cultural Design, and how building websites for people all over the world and from different cultures can be done better.

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Chat App with React and Firebase

Building a Real-Time Chat App with React and Firebase

This article covers key concepts for authenticating a user with Firebase in a real-time chat application. Integrating third-party auth providers & storing user chat data in the Firebase Realtime Database, where we can sync data with a NoSQL cloud database.

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VW Beetle Ad Design

Inspired Design Decisions With Otto Storch

Andy Clarke will explore how American art director and graphic designer Otto Storch inspires his designs for the web.

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