It's the UI trend that's taking over 2020. Neumorphic objects mimic their real-world counterparts, both in how they appear and in how the user interacts with them. As a visual style, we have lots of inner and outer shadows to give the illusion of shape. Also raised shapes made from the exact same "material" as the background.

Neumorphism as a design promotes user interfaces that look soft and easy on the eye. So without further ado, here are 25 Top Neumorphism UI Design Examples for your inspiration!

Simple Music Player by Filip Legierski

Simple Music Player UI

Simple Music Player ☀️ Light mode ☀️ by Filip Legierski

Simple Music Player UI Ligh Mode

Fitness Device App by Sergi Mi

Fitness Device App

Tesla Smart App by Gavrisov Dmitri

Tesla Smart App

Sleep Cycle App by Devanta Ebison

Sleep Cycle App UI

Nike Shoes E-Commerce by Zaini Achmad

Nike E-Commerce Neumorphism

Audiophilia / Neumorphism by David Tsaturyan

Audiophilia Neumorphism UI

Hello Dribbble <3 by Marina Tericheva

Hello Dribbble UI Design

Neumorphic UI by Varsha Singh

Neumorphic UI by Varsha Singh

Braun Neu Calculator 🎚 by Ariel Jędrzejczak

Braun Neu Calculator UI

Spotify Redesigned by Vardnan

Spotify Redesigned UI

First Shot - Neumorphism Trend by Anna Raptunovich

First Shot

Neumorphic Rebound of a statistics mobile dashboard app by Niraj Gohel

Statistics Mobile App UI

Neumorphism 2 by Vanveo

Neumorphism 2 UI

Neumorphic Bank Redesign in Dark and Light mode by HYPE4

Neumorphic Bank App UI

Neumorphism Sweet Mix by Julien Brion

Neumorphic Sweet Mix UI

Alarm clock concept with neumorphic UI by kubvkube

Alarm Clock Concept UI

Audiobook App - Neumorphism style by Atakan Kalkan ✪

Audiobook App

Enpara Mobile Banking App Login Screen, New Skeuomorph Style by Yasin Yuksel

Enpara Login UI

Neumorphic Finance Mobile App by Gloria

Finance Mobile App UI

Neumorphic Weather App by Maria Muñoz

Neumorphic Weather App

Music App by Paulina Corona

Music App UI

Skeuomorphism / Neumorphism UI Trend by Olga Saff

Neumorphism Trend Dashboard UI

Google Analytic | DARK UI Neumorphism by Rudityas W Anggoro

Google Analytic Dark UI

Freebie Neumorphic UX UI Elements by Emy Lascan

Free Neumorphic UI Elements

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